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We started out as playwrights for an annual murder mystery dinner hosted by the Seal Cove Auto Museum. This bestowed a small degree of celebrity status and resulted in a string of six plays performed at local venues along the Maine coastline. All of them are populated with outrageous characters, a little suspense, and a lot of humor.

Murder at the Vandy's.png

Courtesy of the Seal Cove Auto Museum

Murder at the Vandy's

The most famous actors and actresses from Broadway are gathering in Bar Harbor during the Roaring Twenties. They all covet the prestigious Vandy Award. Before the envelopes are opened, will one of them have been nominated for murder?

Fine Art of Murder.png

Courtesy of the Seal Cove Auto Museum


Front Cover MBW.jpg

Murder in Black and White is a full-length mystery inspired by true stories from in and around Manhattan during the forties, a period when almost anything could and did happen. It is a prequel to the first novel of the Robin’s Nest series, Murder with an Ocean View.

Having successfully written six plays performed at three different venues, and customizing multiple, murder mystery events, Rob Lawton has just released: A Meritage of Murders, a collection of short stories, as well as, their first full length novel, Murder with an Ocean View.

Make sure to check back often to see what Rob
Lawton is doing next.

The Fine Art of Murder

It’s 1932 and automobile ads have become big business.  When two advertising rivals compete for the Peabody Motors account, only one of them will win.  Throw in a notorious bank robber and the result is a cocktail for disaster.  The bank robber’s girlfriend is trying to get the attention of the advertising rivals, so she can become the next Fade Away girl.  The bank robber is trying to get J. Edgar Hoover’s attention, so he can become the next public enemy number one.  When the evening ends in murder, it’s up to a local cub reporter and a cocktail waitress to unmask the killer.

Auto Wars.JPG

Courtesy of the Seal Cove Auto Museum

Auto Wars

It’s 1909 and wealthy summer residents have won a victory in the Maine state legislature to ban automobiles from Bar Harbor.  Many of the permanent residents are opposed and have taken to open demonstrations of defiance.  Tempers flare and it isn’t long before a wealthy summer resident perishes in an automobile crash. Inspector Barnes must decide whether the victim was a casualty of the auto wars that have erupted on Mount Desert Island, or just a poor driver.


Courtesy of the Seal Cove Auto Museum

Murder is for the Birds

A wealthy benefactor on Mount Desert Island is sponsoring a road rally for the Jesup Memorial Library in Bar Harbor.  Automobile enthusiasts come from around the globe to compete for a rare book of Audubon bird prints.  Drivers decipher riddles that take them from one destination to the next, each vying to be first to finish the race and collect first prize.  All except for one who abandons the flock of drivers to commit foul play.  Unfortunately for the murderer, the competition includes Peter Benson, a former homicide detective who found the perfect way to retire early – he fell in love with a beautiful woman who was loaded and then begged her to marry him.  Peter comes out of retirement one last time to catch the killer before he flies the coop.

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