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It has been such a pleasure working with the Lawton’s on three Murder Mystery plays that have been performed at the Seal Cove Auto Museum. Not only are they creative and talented writers, they are flexible and very easy to work with. Bob and Robin were inspired by the exhibit at the Museum to create their plays, which helped further the educational mission of the Museum and engage with our guests in a new way. As we brought in actors, I was impressed at the ease with which they adjusted the play to make it easier for the actors to present the characters in live theater. The Seal Cove Auto Museum started hosting a murder mystery dinner as a fundraiser for the Museum, hoping to offer something different than other non-profits in the area. Working with Bob and Robin allowed the Museum to offer a custom experience that is founded in our work and mission, and that has added great value to the experience for both the Museum and our guests who attend the event. An unexpected benefit from our experience with the Lawton’s is that they have become great friends of the Museum, and it has truly been a pleasure working and playing with them. The Seal Cove Auto Museum looks forward to a long partnership with Bob and Robin.


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